Plug & Play Model

Developed Land with all statutory & non statutory clearances and to make area development plan within Solar Power Park with all necessary and relevant legal approval and Government Clearance 

Location Benefits: Maharashtra

    • Higher Isolation level;
      • Maharashtra is a Higher Radiation place 
      • Solar isolation is around 4.00 ~ 4.50 kWh/m2/day and above, making it one of the most suitable places for setting up solar power generation plant
    • Availability of required workforce in the near vicinity of the solar park
    • The region experiences 330 sunny days per annum
    • Average temperature during the day is around 360C, with Max. Temp 430C which is close to the module STC

Facilities in Maha Solar Park


    • Developed land as required by Solar Power Project.
    • Carpet area of land @ 3.5 to 4.00 Acres per MW and 1.5 to 1.00 Acres of land share in common facilities areas.
    • Land Available on Out Right Sale OR on long term lease. 
    • Land approved for installation of solar power plants including change of land use etc…
    • All statutory approvals required for the Solar Project will be provided, thus the time spent in the project is just to construct the plant. This reduces the overall timeline by at least 50%.
    • Boundary fence and security.

Boundary Fence & Security:

    • Outer Boundary for entire Solar Park
    • Individual Fencing for each plots
    • 24×7 CCTV Monitoring.


    • Approach road to the solar park
    • Internal Motorable Road to provide access to all the plots along with street lighting in the solar park
    • Drains within the Solar Park, along with road side
    • SPPD will lay and maintain the main roads so as to provide access to all the plots along with street lighting in the Solar Park. Internal access roads with in the plot shall have to be laid by the SPD at its own cost.

Water & Drainage System

    • Water availability for construction as well as running of power plants and demineralization plant
    • Necessary water supply for operations and maintenance of the Solar Power Projects consequent upon their commissioning via dedicated reservoir located within the premises
    • Flood mitigation measures like flood discharge, internal drainage etc.
    • Main drains along the main road to which SPDs may connect their internal project drains.

Transmission & Evacuation of power

    • Evacuation infrastructure with Pre-approved grid connectivity
      • Power evacuation at 33 kV from next to boundary of allotted plot.
      • Switchyard, 33/220/400 kV Pooling station inside Park
      • Connected to 33KV or 132KV or 220KV or 400KV Grid Sub Station.
    • Inter-connection of solar projects with pooling stations: SPD will interconnect its solar project to 33 kV bus of 33/220/400 kV pooling sub-station through 33 kV underground or overhead cables at its own cost. Interconnection of solar power projects with pooling stations will be the responsibility of the solar project developer (SPD).
    • Inter-connection point or Delivery point: “Inter-connection point or Delivery point” shall mean the point at where the solar power from one or more pooling station is injected into the CTU/ STU transmission system.  All losses up to that point will be on account of the Solar Project Developers
Common utilities and benefits
  • Telecom network: Most of all Mobile Communication and Internet Network available.
  • Training, Research, Manufacturing and Maintenance facilities
    • Training Institute, Maintenance, Repair Work Shop, Warehousing, Parking, Helipad, etc…, inside the Park
    • Solar Panels, Inverters, Structures, Cables and Accessories Manufacturing facilities inside the Park
  • Centralized Weather Monitoring System
  • Housing facility easily available nearby Solar Park
  • Multi Developer, Facility, Latest Innovative Technology
  • Free DPR, PV Syst Reports with Current & Future Data, other legal and technical service assistance to Solar Project Developer as per the requirement
  • Free Liasoning Services till Project Registration.
  • PPA Assistance, we assist in getting long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with utility company 
  • We also arrange PPA through Off-taker / good open access consumers, as per investor’s selection terms 
  • Funding Assistant, we assist in arranging corporate borrowing, equity funding and overseas funding.
  • Easy availability of Local Man Power Project Works

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