EPC Summary

We believe our ability to compete in the global market improves when our customer/partners prosper and we see our relationship as more than merely transactional.

Our ever-expanding partner network consists of the world’s leading engineering design firms, vendors, and subcontractors. We are committed to strengthening our relationships with our partners through various support programs.

We offers a full range of EPC services for Power Industry, from concept to commissioning with offering initial financing services and O&M and Project Management.

        • Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Power Project,
        • Sub Stations,
        • Transmission Towers,
        • Overhead Transmission Lines,
        • Under Ground Cable Transmissions,
        • O&M and AMC 

We are equipped to perform feasibility studies for its entire project range. In addition to that important step in the pre-commissioning process, We offer assistance in securing competitive financing, thanks to its relationships with a network of stable, global financial institutions. By conducting the feasibility study and financial services, we are able to offer prudent and realistic advice for executing EPC projects.

We have experience in a broad range of engineering assignments, from Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) to basic and detailed engineering. The company uses proven processes and collaboration tools—such as its Integrated Computer Aided Engineering (ICAE)—to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems quickly and efficiently.

Our International Procurement Office is committed to promoting a culture of shared prosperity at all levels of its procurement chain. By selecting only the most competitive vendors, equitable contracts and reliable delivery systems, we are able to dependably provide the highest quality products to our clients all around the world.

Our leading priorities are on-time delivery, safety, and quality. To accomplish these goals, we deploy the most up-to-date construction techniques and manages material delivery schedules constantly. The process of efficiently coordinating millions of incident-free man-hours requires a large on-site construction presence, so we complete every project with a dedicated field director and a team of engineers.

Thanks to its highly experienced transportation and installation staff, we are able to deliver carefully calibrated industrial components to jobsites from all around the world in a cost-effective, safe and timely manner. By combining competence in transportation with specialized knowledge of installation, we are able to offer a seamlessly integrated EPIC Offshore experience.

We are committed to producing exceptionally reliable plants that meet or surpass out client’s expected standards of operational output. To guarantee that each facility will run smoothly once it comes online, the project team utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to test the all processes of the plant as well as to analyze the  output. Based on years of experience, We have developed its own industry-specific techniques for power industry projects, which has contributed to the company’s strong international reputation and track record of success.

For all projects, our experience with EPC allows it to operate facilities at their optimum efficiency, offering its clients an excellent return on investment.

Project management is at the heart of our ability to execute a range of complex projects in a diverse array of regions around the world. The company provides full support and services for the successful integration of engineering, procurement and construction processes to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget.

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