PSS HV/EHV Substation

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PSS / HV / EHV Substations

Substations are critical in the safe delivery of reliable and affordable power, power transmission and distribution, generation interconnections, switching or AC/DC conversion. We take a comprehensive approach to developing your substation project, applying our broad experience with and understanding of power industry infrastructure to deliver intelligent solutions — not just a workforce.

Whether you are considering a rebuild or a greenfield project, we have the design, construction, and project and program management skills to deliver. Our flexible project delivery methods will provide the missing piece to meet your needs. Our offerings include everything from studies and detailed design to complete engineer-procure-construct (EPC) delivery contracting.

We work with you to address every component, from completing environmental impact and land acquisition studies before the project begins to startup and commissioning when you’re ready to power up.

Substations Built for Every Market

Our substation solutions address the specific challenges faced by investor-owned utilities, development companies, municipal and cooperative utilities, and federal or military site connections. We plan, design and build the generation connections that tie renewable, commercial and industrial sites to the power grid. 

Design & Modeling Technology for Modern Substations 

The substation market is changing right before our eyes. Every month we see new technology deployed on the grid that is improving our safety, accuracy and efficiency. 

Our innovative and intelligent substation design platforms allow teams to provide maximum value for your projects. We are a leader in the power industry, advancing the use of 3D modeling and applying intelligent substation design. Our capabilities also include substation designs that address both function and aesthetics, applying sustainable and environmental principles. Using virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) tools, we help you visualize and understand your project before construction begins and mitigate risks before any shovel hits the ground. These models, built with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or ground-based laser scanning, can be verified against the pre-construction 3D models to validate adherence to drawings and specifications. Laser scanning can also strengthen accuracy of models of existing substations to give you a head start on updating designs.

Whether you seek to improve service reliability, decrease substation wiring, or move toward a standards-based approach for substation communications, we assist with IEC 61850 integrations. Our experience with IEC 61850 scheme design, testing and implementation help to smooth transitions.

Specialists in Substation Security

Your critical substation assets need to be protected. The evolving regulatory environment means you need to maintain a comprehensive, context-appropriate security plan. Our integrated team helps you make informed security decisions, guiding you through the physical, electronic and cybersecurity considerations. We put you on the right path to successful implementation.

Our partnership with you goes beyond the requirements. We help you achieve compliance while evaluating and security assets that may not be covered by regulations but are important to your operations.

Please write to us, after understanding your requirement, we will give our offer, that you will find “The Best Win-Win Offer“. 

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