Transmission Lines

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Electrical transmission facilities continue to play an important role for our society. They connect us to green energy, power our economy and provide the reliability needed to keep us safe. Our professionals bring the experience, skills and vision you need to make your transmission initiatives successful. Our experience includes from 11-kV to 765-kV, ranging from specific connections spanning communities to major programs that cross regions.

We work with you as a partner. Whether we’re considering design options or commissioning finished projects — or anywhere in between — we work to see that you, your customers and communities get safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable power delivery.

Our AC and DC projects can stretch for hundreds of miles at a time or one mile, with sections running overhead, underground or undersea to meet your needs. We work with stakeholders to find appropriate routes. We manage acquisition of easements and rights-of-way. We track and conduct stakeholder involvement. We conduct studies, secure permits, procure materials, manage construction and otherwise handle all aspects of your project. Our services cover civil design, geotechnical evaluations, cable systems, thermal ratings, project development and more. We can be your partner for design-build/engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project delivery or work as program manager to achieve your project goals.

Throughout design our engineers and scientists focus on countless details — structure loads, conductor/cable ampacity, audible noise, sag and tension — to build efficient, reliable system strength. Using our proprietary OneTouchPM application, we track your project’s progress and deliverables to keep you and your stakeholders informed throughout the job.

Overhead & Underground

Detailed engineering and project support planning services are required to implement a successful electrical distribution system program, whether new lines or upgrades, overhead or underground. We work with you to develop viable solutions designed to increase reliability, reduce outage frequency and decrease outage duration. 

By understanding the need for cyclical asset renewal and current and future load demands on the system, you can better allocate resources and investments to implement upgrades and expansions to the underground grid. We help identify critical areas for improvement, set priorities to maximize impacts to the system, and implement solutions through design and construction.

We can help with all aspects of your distribution projects — circuit modeling, standards assessment, customer outreach, circuit patrols, manhole inspections, pole loading analysis, design packages, permitting, traffic control, communications, device protection settings and construction support. 

Third-Party Attachments

We have experience planning, developing, installing and managing the cables and other systems that are increasingly attached to core electrical distribution infrastructure. Knowing how and where these systems attach to your assets is critical to managing system upgrades, usage fee and maintenance schedules. We have experience in all project tasks that may be required – program and project management, permit application review, attachment standards and work procedure development, data collection and site survey activities, structural loading calculations, engineering approval of new attachments, minor and major make-ready engineering and/or recommendations, make-ready construction permits, third party as-built evaluation, post-construction inspection and post-construction processing. 

A Reliable, Resilient Project Approach

Our electrical distribution services team has the knowledge to solve your challenges, with extensive experience in a variety of project delivery methods. We can assist with specific engineering components or perform full turnkey engineer-procure-construct (EPC) projects. Whether you need assistance with independent distribution projects or you want to set up a distribution program management organization, our team has the experience you need to be successful.

Our team is also on the front lines of the evolving technologies and practices that are moving the distribution industry forward. We operate multiple lab testing facilities to simulate the operation of the devices, infrastructure and power conditions on your network, supporting improved project success and faster deployment.

Please write to us, after understanding your requirement, we will give our offer, that you will find “The Best Win-Win Offer“. 

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